When you create it's important not to fall into the creator / critiquer trap.

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Smart people fall into the trap of multitasking the creation process. They switch From Content Creation and Content Curation at the same time. Your focus should be solely giving your Undivided Attention to each of this steps. If we don't allow space between the two, we can fall into the Perfectionist Trap.

Switching States comes at a cost. Letting your inner critic interfere with the autor is not helpful.

Professionals Master Multiple Techniques

Learning is always an incomplete process.

Riddled with Preconceptions, learning is updating what we knew yesterday and know today.

Remember the last time you tried to develop a new skill? You thought the process would be easier or harder. You faced challenges you were not considering previosly. But after the initial struggle you became better at it. Knowledge built up. And you initial preconceptions were replaced by new ones.

"The Professional seeks to change techniques. It's flexible and adjusts to new challenges. The Amateur is inflexible. Learns one thing and never stops to reconsider their decision."

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